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Dark circles and puffiness under my eyes is something I've tackled since a young age. The years of having trouble sleeping, especially if it has been a tough week always show up on my face. As having sinus problems, allergies, thyroid or kidney problems bags may be more pronounced, I started to accept that I would never win the battle against my bags. When I saw that the GlamGlow Brightmud Eye Treatment targeted all under eye problems (dark circles, puffiness, brightening, tired eyes, hydrating, plumping...need I go on?) my first thought was, is this the superhero product I've been waiting for? Will I finally get rid of the slugs under my eyes? And for £39.99 on Feel Unique I thought it must be the one...

The product is a quick 3 minute treatment, which makes it easy to incorporate into any routine and its as simple as dabbing it on under your eyes and wiping it off when the time is up. So, it really is a great on-the-go product which makes sense considering its intended use is for Hollywood stars to use on set.

I could not possibly review this product without talking about the packaging. The silver box completely reflects the personality of the brand and the concept of 'glam'. When you first open the box it says 'hello sexy' which personally I think this is a genius packaging idea.

The first thing I noticed as soon as I received the package was just the vast amount of different natural high bioactivity, bentonits and mineral ingredients in the product and that it doesn't include parabens, sulfates and phthalates.
14% Nitroffeine™ - a caffeine formula which stimulates the lymphatic system to awaken the eyes with a tingling sensation.
5% Juvelane™ - has the same effects of retinol to revive the eye area.
TEAOXI™ - uses a combination peppermint, fatty acids, vitamins A and C to de-puff and brighten the eyes.

The pack features 12 chromes (pictured above) and within that two dimples that hold the same amount of product. The intention behind this is that one dimple is for each eye but on application it seems like a lot to put on. So I have occasionally only used one dimple for both eyes (especially as its not something I can easily repurchase given the price point), although I'm not sure whether this has affected the results.

I apply the treatment with my fingers under the eye area and leave it on for the recommended 3 minutes (it's not recommended to leave it for longer). When I apply the treatment there is a cooling, tingling sensation which if applied close to the eye can almost feel like a bit of a burn but at least you know the product is working. After the 3 minutes I simply wipe it off with a tissue or cotton pad. It's also advised not to use water to remove the product as it may mean that the ingredients will not continue to work.

To be honest I am still unsure about the results. I can't deny that I haven't noticed somewhat of a difference after application. The under eye area is smoother and fine lines look like they have been reduced, however, I noticed little contrast in the appearance of my dark circles. As I only use this product occasionally maybe with more frequent use I would see a bigger difference. Despite this I have heard people who have amazing results from this product.

I do believe that the £39.99 price is on the expensive side but when you work out the cost per chrome each chrome costs £3.34. If you use one dimple then it is £1.70 per use (a total of 24) and when you put it in that perspective the price isn't as scary as it is originally perceived to be. This is a product I will probably keep using but only in my pre-night out routine. Targeting dark circles is difficult and few products truly achieve this, and as I do have a predisposition to dark circles, as far as this product is concerned it does target eye problems to its full ability.

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  1. I like how you actually did the math to work out price per use because it's definately a lot more affordable than it seems :

  2. I've heard so many things about this product but I never got it because of the price (which when you do the maths is not that high but whatever). I find these types of reviews extremely helpful and I really, really appreciate them :) I love your blog, thank you for your honest review! New follower x

    1. thank you! Glad you found it helpful I really want to do as honest reviews as possible :)

  3. Thanks for such a thorough review! Definitely tempted by a mask that's just for eyes :)


  4. I just love everything from GLAMGLOW and really liked the bright mud eye treatment :-) you notice instant results and its also great for tired eyes with the cooling sensation x

  5. Sounds a great product! =)

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  7. Great review- keep us updated on if the product is more effective with frequent usage!

  8. Great review! Just keep using it. Like you said, over time I'm sure you'll see results. Eye creams aren't infamous for "instant" results! New follower :)


  9. That is one great review, I think that I might give it a try someday!


  10. I really want to try this product

  11. Yikes - pricey! I still haven't tried one of their face masks but I think I should as everyone raves about them xx

    Magpie Jasmine

  12. I might have to try this! I need something for under my eyes!


  13. It looks interesting. It's a shame to say but I'm a sucker for fancy packaging and as I'm literally like a magpie, almost anything shiny takes my fancy and this packaging looks so cool!

    Good review though, I'd usually be so eager to try something like this without even reading about it, just because the packaging looks good (silly magpie). It will be interesting to hear about your results with them after finishing the pack, sometimes these things take a while to make dramatic effect and work their magic slowly I guess. :)


  14. i want this, very nice review
    I wish you an happy weekend

  15. I'd heard all about Glam Glow's 'amazing' face masks but I didn't know they did one for eyes too. It sounds like it could be perfect for me. I've had dark circles and bags under my eyes since forever, partly genetic and partly my predisposition to being a night owl. I'd be willing to pay pretty much anything to get rid! But if this, as you say, doesn't really help with the discolouration then I'm not so keen. Still thank you for the thorough review, I'll keep an eye on your blog in case you find some miracle cure before me!
    Amy || Hair Nails Etc

    1. I personally, didn't find it did but I'll let you know if I do find anything!