Monday, 9 February 2015


I've always loved Benefit since I first visited a counter at twelve years old. Nine years later and my love for the brand is still going strong; their products never fault and their packaging is always super cute (and being an absolute sucker for packaging I can never resist a Benefit product). Benefit's new Puff Off Eye Gel hasn't let them down.

So firstly, I need to talk about the packaging. The gel comes in a soft tube roughly the size of my hand, making it perfect to hold and to apply onto the eye area. The design maintain's Benefit's signature style - quirky and retro - with a miniature silver 'shield' on the lid. However, the innovative applicator is the most interesting of all. 

The 'ironing tip' as the box refers to it, allows probably the easiest application of all eye gels ever. Following the instructions, I dot the gel onto my eye straight from the applicator and then go back and 'iron' over the gel to smooth it into my skin. I apply this before applying my make-up although according to the website you can actually apply this over your make-up but you need to pat it in with your fingers. I have also tried this and the results are pretty good. 

The creamy formulation contains sunflower oil which is high in vitamin E to fight free radicals and prevent damage by ultra violet rays as well as vitamins A, C and D to regenerate skin cells and prevent premature signs of ageing.

On application the gel has a gentle cooling sensation on the eyes. I use it in the morning and afterwards I can see the fluid has drained from under my eyes and that the puffiness had significantly reduced. However, what it doesn't do (and it doesn't claim to do it) is reduce discolouration under the eyes, so if that what is what your looking for in an eye product this isn't the one for you.

As of yet I am really impressed with the product and really looking forward to trying their new Roller Lash Mascara!

Andrea x


  1. I'd probably get it for the packaging alone haha! Oh and you'll love the Roller Lash, it's the bomb :)

    xx Julia from Rosy Layers

  2. Glad you're liking this! The packaging really is adorable :)


  3. Seems like such a nice product !

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  4. The applicator looks pretty good and the ingredients sound promising. I don't have a lot of Benefit products, but I heard lots of good stuff about it, so I trust that it's good.

  5. So, as a fellow Origins No Puffery fan, is this something I need to try? Undereye discoloration is not an issue for me - puffiness is. Thanks, Karen

  6. Love benefit packaging!

    Great review, definitely think I need to try this! :)

    Emma x

  7. I love everything about the look of this foundation. Need to find a new one and this may be it!



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